Our Team

The heart and soul of Briar Hill is our incredible group of educators! Our family atmosphere is at the core of everything we do, and this begins with the warm, loving approach of our team. Their experience and dedication is second to none. Most of our teachers are well known and loved by the community and the families we serve because they have been with us for many years.

The Lynn Family

Three generations of Lynn’s have worked at Briar Hill since its beginning in 1968. The original owners, Dale & Betsie Lynn, passed the torch to Mark & Maiya in 2012. Mark can be found working in the office or on the grounds most days. Maiya is the Camp Program Director and is also frequently in the office during the school year - often with her furry companion, Bailey, who is Briar Hill’s unofficial mascot.


Dana Rosano

Preschool Director

Lauren Redmond

Office Manager

Julia Araneo

Program Coordinator

Micah Lynn

Program Coordinator


Teacher – Room 1

Dina Messina

Teaching Assistant – Room 1

Cindy Petrocelli

Teaching Assistant – Room 1

Teresa Shaffery

Teacher – Room 2

Lisa Caruso

Teaching Assistant – Room 2 (3 Day)

Christina Furie

Teaching Assistant – Room 2 (2 Day)

Larisa Puzyr

Teacher – Room 3

Jessie Giacobbe

Teaching Assistant – Room 3

Renata Ross

Teaching Assistant – Room 3

Denise Marinella

Teacher – Room 4 (3 Day)

Eileen Ruderman

Teaching Assistant – Room 4 (3 Day)

Julianne Willoughby

Teacher – Room 4 (2 Day)

Christina DiMuzio

Teaching Assistant – Room 4 (2 Day)

Maria Lehan

Teacher – Room 5

Mary Marter

Teaching Assistant – Room 5